The heartbeat of my dog

My Sophia had a vet appt today and everything started going wrong when the new tech came in and said “we will take her now”, I thought and then I said “take her where??”  We had always been in the room with the vet when she examined our Sophia but maybe they changed policies, maybe they were crowded and did not have the room.  My daughter and I shrugged it off until fifteen minutes later when the vet personally brought our dog in and said we might have a problem.  Ok, it turns out her heart rate was 220 or something crazy and normally it is 180.  Chest x-rays were discussed, goldens have a propensity for heart problems..all sort of things started to swirl and then the doc said to have us comfort her for ten minutes and she would check the rate again.  We lugged all seventy pounds distributed evenly on our laps, started sweating and eating hair.  The next check found a much lower heart rate and the musings of the entire staff.  They had never seen separation anxiety take the form of an extra 40 heartbeats per minute….now that is


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  1. miranda

    Who is this ravishing creature? She is almost as beautiful as your daughter…. who said that? not I.

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