Patterns that make sense- Part Two

When I found this beautiful Versace cotton and silk blend, the pattern really took me by surprise and I thought it would be properly showcased in the dress form of Laurel by Colette.  I decided on (under) lining with a silk georgette.  Because the pattern design, I decided against sleeves.  One of the options I really liked is the small ruffle neckline but I simply could not manage to baste and gather the length necessary (it kept shredding).  So….I went on a scavenger hunt for a ruffler foot.  It is a weird, clunky foot that looks intimidating but really is not.  Just like the walking foot, the bar has to go under the horizontal needle screw.  I will do a post on this later, for now I have a pic of it on my Flikr account “notesonaneedle”.   I slipstitched the arm & neckline binding as well as the hem.  It took a bit more time but it really was worth it.ImageImage

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  1. Shawn

    I think your site looks great. The dress is very pretty!

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