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Leads to another

senchaThis photo might be a tad blurry so apologies in advance! As spelled out in my previous post, I was literally sifting through patterns and have my list at the ready….I had not checked email in a while so thought I would and WOW!  That amazing Colette Patterns chose my Doctor Who Sencha for their monthly list of five.    Here is the link:

I purchased this amazing silk at Spoonflower and if you have not tried Colette Patterns Sencha…DO IT!  It is an incredibly fun pattern to make and just really unique.

Please, please go to Martha Stewart American Made contest and vote for Colette Patterns.   Have a great week-end!



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One good thing

The last few weeks have been worse than normal .  The pain has dulled every sense and dragged my disposition a bit into the dumps.

I had started to get quite grumpy about not being able to sew….but!, as I always try to find a detour to my roadblocks I think I came up with one.  If I can not get down to the sewing table and finish cutting that Ginger skirt out,  I will get my own Look Book started.

I will get pictures and textures and things that I love and and think about what are the top five things I really want in my wardrobe.  Not anything to do with a sew-along or contest, or even what someone says is the “must-have” for Fall.  Just me.  Five pieces that I really want to wear.  Then, I can pluck through my favorite fabric sites and find the perfect match for my list. If I can not move too much, I can still  imagine different dart placements and fabric pairings and take the time to organize my projects.

I may not be able to sew just yet but my mind will always work….so I must give it something to do. I will give myself a project that makes me look forward to something, keeps me occupied and maybe by the time it is done I will be ready to get those pieces cut!

Take care!  I will be back soon and share my five “must haves”!

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My Christian Dior Lace Inspired Project

So, I became obsessed with a Threads article (I think January 2013) about a Christian Dior Lace dress.

InsideDior_lgHere it is.  It really is not my typical cup of tea…in fact, I have never owned or worn a lace dress.  But for some reason, I had to make it. Claire Shaffer did an amazing job detailing all of the design issues; how the seams were overcast on the edges and it made me keep thinking “I could do that!”

I could not find any pattern whatsoever that even remotely resembled something like this.  It has a bodice, dropped waist yoke and then a 3/4 flounce.  I had no idea what I was getting into so I studied non stop for three months about pattern draping/making and drafted a muslin, that fitted nicely and had the lines and flow I wanted.  I set about understanding how to back your lace with organza and here was the start; this is my bodice INSIDE OUT so you see the back darts, the centered invisible zipper (cute, huh?, it is lace from ZPRZ I think).

dior2I got a bit ahead of myself.  Underneath all of this lace is a slip.  Two layers, one of nude chiffon and a second of black chiffon.  The mix of the two softens and serves as a slip that does not overtake the lace dress. Here are some shots of the slip.  If you are wondering why the straps look like an awful color, oddly enough this color provides the perfect camouflage and can not be seen under the dress. It is a gauze fabric from Mood.

dior4dior3aSo, the dress came together somewhat successfully, although I am sure I need more practice on the seams and attaching the “undulating” yoke and flounce! But you know what, I learned a heck of a lot and that is what we are doing this for right?  Passion, learning, and then having a finished product that we love, and at the same time see our glaring mistakes! 🙂

dior5dior6Here she is.  I think everything turned out as I wanted but I do have to mention that I meant to split the lace ruffle and sew it along the seam as the original dress was done….BUT, it is done.  BTW, it is August 7th at 2:25 p.m. and I made Top 5 in the Threads Magazine contest!! Yeah, how exciting!

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