One good thing

The last few weeks have been worse than normal .  The pain has dulled every sense and dragged my disposition a bit into the dumps.

I had started to get quite grumpy about not being able to sew….but!, as I always try to find a detour to my roadblocks I think I came up with one.  If I can not get down to the sewing table and finish cutting that Ginger skirt out,  I will get my own Look Book started.

I will get pictures and textures and things that I love and and think about what are the top five things I really want in my wardrobe.  Not anything to do with a sew-along or contest, or even what someone says is the “must-have” for Fall.  Just me.  Five pieces that I really want to wear.  Then, I can pluck through my favorite fabric sites and find the perfect match for my list. If I can not move too much, I can still  imagine different dart placements and fabric pairings and take the time to organize my projects.

I may not be able to sew just yet but my mind will always work….so I must give it something to do. I will give myself a project that makes me look forward to something, keeps me occupied and maybe by the time it is done I will be ready to get those pieces cut!

Take care!  I will be back soon and share my five “must haves”!

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One response to “One good thing

  1. Laura Lee

    Hello Laura Lee, I rarely comment on a blog and have never blogged myself; but felt I couldn’t resist on yours! I found you through Colette; my name is also Laura Lee, I also have a daughter { she just turned 18} and I also suffer from chronic nerve pain once thought to maybe be MS but now since it needs a category: Fibromyalgia; a good dosing of nerve pain that tries to make me miserable. My body and I constantly fend it off. Yes, I would like to talk with you because as I write this I think it just {grin} funny we have these things in common! How did you like the Hawthorne? I didn’t sew this one, but I do like all Colette patterns. Do you find the necklines to be big?? We live in Oregon, my daughter and I saw Sarai at Powells and my daughter got her book signed. An excellent sewing book! She even made her first dress from it. I am an avid sewist {?} crochet; I knit and embroider some. Not enough time in the day! I will leave you with my email, please feel free to drop me a line! Love your sewing projects and thoughts! 5 items? good idea~ Take care of you, Laura

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