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An empty nest transformed

First thing when I walk downstairs is my obsessive amount of patterns. From there the photos are pretty much in order of the flow of the room which is turn left at the bottom of stairs and there everything is. I love the space and am grateful for the peace it gives me. I now have no excuses to complete unfinished items and think carefully about what I want to sew next and why. I have been in a rut of starting multiple pieces and not following through due to lack of motivation and some legitimate energy level issues. Will post soon on a typewriter shift I am creating for my sissy. Happy sewing!


IMG_1343.JPGMy beloved Bernina

WIth her special cabinet AND the blue organizer shelf my guy built and painted. Purchased cream boxes, I think from Crate and Barrel were actually inexpensive ways to organize supplies and showcase what is inside by having a sample (bias tape, elastic, zippers) hang off the edge.



IMG_1350.JPGMy hubby enjoys quilting and has a Supersonic Singer that he got a great deal on, it is built for 1/4″ speed



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