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I started the Craftsy class on The Couture Dress with Susan Khalje, this was last October.  If you have moderate sewing skills and have only used the “buy a pattern/cut out a pattern/cut fabric from pattern” method, I encourage you to take this class and pretty much blow your mind.  I think it is like learning a new language since your focus shifts from the ‘cutting line’ to the ‘stitching line’ and over the last few months  I have worked on my project sometimes forgetting it and now this week back in with a fury.

Trying to follow my cognitive behavioral therapists mantra of “put the pain in the backseat”, I picked up my purple wool and am trying to do just that.  I am in the section where you hand baste organza to your fashion fabric and the problem is I can not see that well…I am legally blind in one eye and not so far off in the other.  When I seemed to be going REALLY slow, I did some quick calculations; Approximately 22 pieces some bigger than others but there are at least 3000 stitches.  What I do is set up my magnifying glass and make sure the entry and exit are on that blasted dotted line to make sure it is even and I am a perfectionist…darn it all!

Anyway, no “boo-hoo’s” here…just really appreciating the mechanical invention of the sewing machine right about now.  Here are some pics:  BTW, I am using purple wool from Mood and Vogue 8648.

2014 063My beautiful wool, purchased WELL before Pantone came out with their color of the year, I might add.

Below is a valiant attempt at using my new Christmas camera and capture the scale of one of the waist pieces, wrong side up-organza being basted…

2014 071And a bit closer, which indicates just how darn small all those little dots are!!

2014 075There you go. Happy 2014, and I will leave you with a photo of my dog that I think is the bomb and clearly shows that I am a quick study on my gift!!

2014 065My brown eyed girl….


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