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The detour

The last few months I have been trying to perfect my sewing skills.  While taking online classes and reading voraciously from books to blogs I have been working on a dress that has become more than a garment.  It truly has become the symbol of my progression from knowing grain direction to why something should be underlined in silk organza.  I am awestruck at the thousands of definitions and processes that go into sewing a complex garment but at the same time it paralyzed me just a wee bit concerning my typical flow of creativity. I blogged in small detail about the couture sewing class but the photos below can easily take the place of my words.

IMG_2155                      IMG_2174

I have yet to line this number and I may never get around to it since I am not crazy about where it sits on my shoulder (should have thought of that before maybe?)   Here is the thing…..IT DOES NOT MATTER.   I like to sew and what I wanted to sew next was something my daughter has been requesting for over two years.  But what she chose was a quilting cotton that I did not think I could manipulate because it was quite stiff (cop out).  I also did not think the ‘couture rules’ would allow for using this type of material (bogus).  That should fully explain why I was suffering from a creative and complete sewing block.  I had too firmly placed all of these ‘rules’ in place that were 1.)  incorrect to begin with and 2.)  just plain dumb.

I cleared my workspace, cleaned and re-threaded all my machines and took out the fabric (quilting cotton) and pattern Burda 7137, also my daughters choice.

DSC_0994It is quite adorable and quirky so I thought I would just focus on enjoying the process and getting more practice out of lining the dress and a different technique (for me) of inserting an invisible zip in a lined dress.

DSC_0981I will start with the finished product.  She is pulling a bit of the wearing ease behind her since the other pics had a bit of sag under the bust.  She loves it and I enjoyed making it and here is the main reason for the post; that is why I should sew.  Learning more every day is fantastic but adding pressure and rules takes ALL the fun out of it!!


The one thing I am going to tackle next is inserting a sleeve like the video shown on Pattern Review (with no gathering stitches).  I have read many accounts of why ‘not’ to do it that way but was not able to find a video of someone actually doing just that.  I had a HECK of a time inserting these sleeves because of the enormous sleeve cap but I made it work and it forced me to find that video for my next project. This was my first printed pattern from Burda so perhaps they run that way?

In the meantime, I can be proud of the things I am perfecting:


I mentioned the zip, and for that I tried Sunni Standing’s method sewing it to the lining using steam a seam first and then sewing to fashion fabric.

Thoughts?  Do not try that method for the first time when you have a project with a buried collar, that was a bit tricky but I will say this is the most even I have been when using invisible zip in a lined garment and having been machine sewn.

I got through two seasons of some random show on Netflix and officially broke my streak of ‘faux couture rules’.

My next hurdle…sewing a dress with my actual measurements.  Wish me luck!


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